Teacher’s Resource Project (Phase 2)

The Susan K. Black Foundation supports the Teacher Resource Project to provide art education to secondary schools in Eureka, MT. SKB artist and educator, Wanda Mumm, guided this project to provide in-class art instruction, interactive broadcast instruction, and manuals for teachers and students for art training.

Wanda provided in-class instruction to over four hundred junior and senior high students in the Eureka schools.  This instruction is leveraged to serve still more students in the Eureka schools by broadcasting the instruction online through Vision Net (www.vision.net).  The Eureka School System and teachers acted as partners in the project along with Vision Net lab technicians.  The Northwest Teacher’s Co-op contributed advertising and teacher support. The Eureka schools, as is so with many Montana schools have no other art programs.  Other Montana schools are invited to participate through Vision Net.
To further leverage her efforts Wanda produced a Lesson Plan for both teachers and students.  These plans are especially designed to facilitate Eureka teachers otherwise untrained to teach art to include art education in their curricula.

These efforts were further supplemented by art materials provided by SKB and offered by Richeson Art Supplies at wholesale prices.