The Susan K. Black Foundation supported ARTsmart to promote art education in the Espanola, NM schools.
ARTsmart, a program headquartered in Santa Fe, NM, offers art classes for Dixon Elementary school in Espanola, NM.

SKB provides funds for art teachers and supplies for the students who are mostly under-served and at-risk students.  Most of the students are from very-high poverty levels and others from moderate income families based on federal poverty definitions and guidelines.  By far the students are from minority populations.  ARTsmart teachers have the experience and training to recognize the myriad of challenges these children and their families face and provide a safe supported environment for the children engage in art and creative activities.
After identifying the most at-need students ARTsmart works with administrators and teachers to provide programming that fit those students’ needs.  Students receive hands-on art instruction through the ARTsmart project.
The projects mission is to empower and transform young lives through lessons in art, literacy, and life skills providing children with access to meaningful, rigorous arts learning programs.