Dubois Teen Mentor Program

SKB provides both funds and mentors to the Dubois Wyoming Teen Mentor Experience.  The Mentor program happens in two phases in conjunction with the SKB Annual Dubois Artists Workshop.  Days before the workshop begins SKB artist Wanda Mumm and her staff provide instruction to the young artists in the Dubois Schools ( https://www.niche.com/k12/dubois-elementary-school-dubois-wy/ ) in partnership with their art teacher. These SKB artists provide three days of foundational art instruction including color theory, plein air tips, and value studies. This instruction prepares the Dubois students for the second phase of the Mentor program. Artists who have gathered for the workshop spend a morning of their week in Dubois acting as mentors at a plein air location, each artist is paired with a student for individual instruction.



Others teach sculpture at the Headwaters Art and Conference Center. After the morning painting the students display their art for the The Workshop SKB artists.in a March of the Artists ( https://youtu.be/458X_ynnuys ).  SKB artists consider Mentor Day as a highlight of their week at the workshop.


Participation in the program has grown to half the students of the Dubois schools eligible to join.  Success of the program has resulted in many of those students participating in statewide competitions and collecting prizes and recognition for their work.