Biggs Museum Junior Docent Program

The Biggs Museum of American Art in Dover, DE partners with the local charter school, Campus Community School to host a Junior Docent program.  Seventh and Eighth grade students learn about the museum’s collection through instruction, participation and creating art.

Each student selects two of the museum’s pieces and through research they prepare a short speech about each object.  Through the project and the program the student’s learn about art, historical contexts and elements of art by learning to identify the line, color, form, shape, space and value of the pieces.  They learn how to systematically compare pieces of art even though they may be of vastly distant provenance.
Supplies are provided for the students to make art through replicating the pieces they have chosen for their project.  The students give a speech by which they learn public speaking and their replicas are displayed in an exhibition at the end of the program.